1. How long will it take me to recover from my surgery?
    Everyone’s healing process is different, so it is hard to tell exactly how long until you are
    recovered. For most people the healing time is usually 2 weeks.
  2. Will I need to take time off work/school?
    You should only need to take off the day of the surgery, however sometimes it is best to
    book the day off after as you don’t know how you will feel. Most people tend to return to
    usual activity within 3 days.
  3. How often should I clean the sockets?
    Everyday. It is very important to ensure you are rinsing your mouth with warm, salty water
    after every meal to ensure doesn’t food becomes trapped in the sockets.
  4. What should I do if I am in pain?
    Take Panadol as recommended, however if the pain is really unbearable, please call us at
    The Rose during daytime hours, or if after hours, please call 0409 219 220.

What should I do if I experience bleeding?
Remove any large blood clots from your mouth, find the point of bleeding and place a
pad of gauze or linen (NOT cotton wool or tissue) over the bleeding. Bite firmly on the
pack for at least 30 minutes, relax, remain quiet and sit down with your head elevated
with an ice pack placed on the outside of your cheek. If the bleeding continues, please
contact me.

  1. My face is swollen and bruised. Is this normal?
    It is perfectly normal for you to experience swelling and bruising around your mouth from
    the surgery, but this should only last 2-7 days.
  2. The medications I have been prescribed are making me vomit, feel dizzy or light headed?
    Please contact your anaesthetist’s rooms, they have prescribed you your medications, it
    may be that one of the drugs doesn’t agree with you! In that case they can prescribe you
    something else.